Investment Suitability

Our clients rely on us to provide analysis and testimony support in cases involving allegations of improper implementation of investment strategies or breach of fiduciary duty. In matters involving fiduciary responsibility issues, we have identified and supported highly specialized experts who provide authoritative testimony on financial matters. As part of this work, we have conducted sophisticated analyses of very large financial data sets, drawing on a range of statistical and analytical approaches encompassing modern portfolio theory, investment strategy analysis, and market dynamics.


Areas of Expert Analysis

Our work includes:

  • Assessment of prudence and investment suitability, relying on industry-leading experts with experience in portfolio management, risk analysis, and compliance
  • Analysis of the degree to which a company’s stock was a prudent investment, comparing the percentage of plan assets invested in a company stock fund to that invested in the company stock fund of other 401(k) plans
  • Assessment of claims that investments were recommended and sold in alleged violation of investment policy obligations and without performing adequate due diligence
  • Evaluation of the content and efficacy of investment policy statements to ensure that they represent a fund’s objectives
  • Analysis of the role of corporate governance structure in influencing and administering investment decisions
Areas of Expert Analysis