Mutual Funds & Hedge Funds

Analysis Group has been at the forefront of investigations involving mutual funds and has worked on high-profile litigations involving the investment industry. We have developed expertise in many aspects of mutual funds and hedge funds, including comparative performance and benchmarking as well as valuation and market analysis in the context of litigation. Our work involving mutual funds and hedge funds includes assisting experts in evaluating due diligence and monitoring processes.

Areas of Expert Analysis

Our work has included:

  • Analysis of performance and fee differences in shares of mutual funds and of fees for individual investors relative to those for institutional investors
  • Conjoint analysis and use of other scientific survey methods to understand drivers of consumer choice in disputes over investment fees
  • Analysis of trading strategies in mutual and hedge funds, including short selling, front running, and market timing issues
  • Assessment of mutual fund performance
  • Analysis of class action issues in mutual fund matters
Areas of Expert Analysis