Tax-Related Valuation

Many variables influence taxation as well as the future values of complex business, financial, real estate, and intellectual property assets.

Accurate valuation requires both technical proficiency and the ability to recognize and assess these variables. Analysis Group has applied a carefully tailored approach in the many valuations we have conducted in key areas.

Companies and financial instruments
We have assessed the tax impact of diverse corporate entities and financial instruments and have valued hundreds of companies for tax purposes. We have also valued dozens of types of securities – including complex derivative instruments, stock options, and warrants – issued by companies in virtually every industry. In addition, our work has included evaluation of the economic substance of transactions in tax shelters, including β€œSon of Boss.”

Intellectual property
We frequently determine values for intellectual property assets in the context of transfer pricing. We have also consulted in tax disputes involving transfers of intellectual property to special-purpose limited partnerships, and have assisted in determination of depreciation deductions for intangible assets.

Real estate
In complex real estate transactions, we have analyzed tax liability and exposure and have provided tax strategy. We have applied statistical and econometric techniques to value residential and commercial real estate, and have used these techniques to measure the impact on market value of environmental hazards, proximity to urban amenities, ownership by financial institutions, and other property attributes.

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