• When Specialized Expertise Is Required:

    Identification, Preparation of Experts


    Analysis Group teams have identified and supported a variety of “nontraditional” academic and practitioner experts with highly focused knowledge in diverse topics. 

    For instance, we have been asked to support an expert on the market for ethanol and an expert on the market for a type of particulate used in construction. “Coarse particulate material” – or the sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, and recycled concrete used in construction – proved to be a critical area of assessment in a recent merger-related case, explain Co-Founder Bruce Stangle and Managing Principal Gaurav Jetley. “For companies in this industry, a key driver of revenue is access to the mines and quarries from which these materials are derived. We supported an expert who was able to opine on these and other market dynamics,” the consultants say.

  • Case in Point:

    Inputs in Vitamin Production

    We supported an animal nutrition expert who advised on the interpretation of animal feed labels and other issues related to multiple lawsuits brought by direct and indirect purchasers of vitamin products. 
  • Separately, in a false advertising matter, we were retained by counsel to find several experts who could compare and assess the potential effectiveness of several language-learning software packages. “Not surprisingly, we hadn’t been asked to find such people before,” says the case manager. “But we were able to identify them through our academic and industry connections. Once we brought them up to speed on the case details, the experts were able to evaluate the functionality and design of the software packages, assess the potential of each product to assist users in learning one of several languages, and submit expert reports as well as provide deposition testimony.”

    To identify, qualify, and help prepare specialized experts – many of whom will have limited, if any, testifying experience – our case teams work closely with counsel, conducting detailed research and rounds of interviews with potential experts. “A key advantage we can offer these specialists is a decades-long track record in supporting experts as they develop their reports and in helping them prepare for testimony at deposition and trial,” Managing Principal Brian Gorin explains. ■ 


Brian S. Gorin - Headshot

“The introduction of specialized knowledge often is not just peripheral or ‘for background’; it can be a key factor in liability or damages assessment.” 

Brian Gorin, Managing Principal