• When Specialized Expertise Is Required:

    Unique Insights


    Some litigation calls for the introduction of highly focused – and sometimes hard to find – subject knowledge. 

    At the outset of a case, the parties involved – corporate counsel, their outside attorneys, and litigation consultants – engage in a detailed process for identifying which areas of expert knowledge will be most relevant for addressing issues related to liability or damages.

    As the case strategy develops, however, teams may discover the need for expert insights on very narrow, highly specialized subjects, explains Analysis Group Managing Principal Brian Gorin.

  • Case in Point:

    Organizations and Safety Preparedness

    Analysis Group consultants supported two specialists, one an expert in organizational behavior and the other an expert in organizational design, in matters involving alleged liability for an industrial accident.
  • “It seemed fairly straightforward, for instance, that the case team in a recent environmental matter we worked on would need to draw on economic impact expertise,” Mr. Gorin says. “But what enabled us to explore liability issues were the perspectives of an expert in safety culture.

    “In a recent product safety matter, we brought in an expert who could address potential interdependencies between consumer psychology and product safety deficiencies. And those are just a couple of examples.”


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“Is owning a share of a jet that is part of a professionally managed fleet akin to chartering the jet … or to owning the jet?”

– Question for an expert in the economics of fractional jet ownership