Commercializing New Technologies

A major networking and communications equipment company was concerned that, as some of its lines of business matured, it was not effectively selecting and commercializing the new technologies its researchers and business development staff were bringing forward. Some of these new technologies appeared to have the potential to replace or surpass existing businesses, but were not getting sufficient attention.

Analysis Group was asked to evaluate the commercial potential of new technology platforms, establish a process for completing such evaluations on an ongoing basis, and create a new model within the company for commercializing new opportunities that did not readily fit existing businesses.

Our team identified and evaluated the set of critical technology platforms. We established an ongoing process for scanning and evaluation, including the creation of a new role within the CTO's staff for guiding the process. For a specific technology -- "mesh" networking -- we completed a technology and business development analysis to establish strategy for building a business in this area.

The new process has been implemented, and the client has pursued and completed business development transactions in this area.