Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Analysis Group

At Analysis Group, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive and welcoming workplace where people of all backgrounds and identities can thrive. We believe that a diverse workforce directly supports our goal to provide the highest-quality work, and that equity and inclusion are necessary to unlock the power of that diversity. This drives our commitment to strong talent and business practices that provide equal opportunities to people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, races, colors, ethnicities, mental and physical abilities and characteristics, ages, socioeconomic statuses, and religions. Our collaborative and people- and learning-oriented culture helps ensure that employees from all backgrounds can contribute fully and meaningfully and bring their full selves to work each and every day.


Equity Oriented

As an organization, we are focused on ensuring that our talent development and business practices are fair, transparent, culturally informed, and supportive of difference, and that historically marginalized and underrepresented groups have equal access to opportunity within the firm. This is because we believe that generating the best possible solutions for our clients requires the talent of everybody at Analysis Group, without exception. We are focused on equity, and believe that strengthening our equity and inclusion practices across all dimensions of identity – including race, ethnicity, gender, and LGBTQ identity – will benefit Analysis Group’s clients and affiliates, and enrich our collective experience at the firm. The more equitable and inclusive we are, the better our work and business outcomes will be.

  • Diverse Workforce

    Diverse Workforce

  • Equitable Talent and Business Practices

    Equitable Talent and Business Practices

  • Inclusive Culture

    Inclusive Culture

Globally Minded

In addition to our focus on equity, we also pride ourselves on attracting a diverse, international pool of top talent from across the globe and investing in visa support for new hires. Our employees come from over 40 countries, speak more than 40 languages, and enjoy transfer opportunities among our 14 global offices.

  • 40 Countries

    40+ Countries

  • 40+ Languages

    40+ Languages

  • 14 Global Offices

    14 Global Offices

Affinity Groups

Analysis Group is committed to fostering a supportive workplace that nurtures and celebrates our diverse employee base. Black@AG, AGWomen+, AG Pride, Asians@AG, and Latins@AG are our formal employee-founded and employee-led affinity groups, open to all offices and roles across the firm, working to promote AG’s culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We anticipate the continued expansion of our affinity group structure as we deepen our investment in this area – and we encourage our employees to look for opportunities to lead in this space.

  • Black@AG

    Black@AG actively supports recruitment of talented Black individuals, promotes awareness of issues surrounding the Black identity, and sponsors community-building events for Black employees and allies to socialize and connect. This group also aims to ensure the professional success of Black employees by providing support and resources for professional development.

  • AGWomen+ aims to promote AG’s culture of inclusion, to foster community, and to promote the professional success of women at Analysis Group. The group aims to be as inclusive and intersectional as possible. To that end, AGWomen+ seeks to support everyone who identifies with womanhood, inclusive of people of every race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic status, and physical ability.

  • AG Pride, which was started by Boston analysts, supports the recruitment of talented LGBTQ individuals, promotes awareness of both local and global LGBTQ happenings, and sponsors community-building events where LGBTQ staff and allies can socialize and connect. This group encourages all AG employees to bring their whole selves to work.

  • Asians@AG supports the professional development and retention of employees of Asian heritage at AG. The group aims to foster understanding and appreciation of Asian culture, raise awareness of issues that uniquely impact the Asian community, foster mentor/mentee relationships, and collaborate closely with AG’s DE&I and HR teams. This group also sponsors community-building events for Asian employees and allies to socialize and connect.

  • Latins@AG collaborates closely with DE&I and HR teams to build on AG’s diverse and inclusive community through the recruitment, professional development, and retention of talented employees of Latin and/or Hispanic heritage. This group organizes firm-wide cultural events, mentorship programs, and discussion forums. Latin and/or Hispanic employees and allies are encouraged to help organize subgroups, local events, and activities in their individual offices.



Analysis Group is proud to partner with organizations working to enrich and empower the diverse workforce of tomorrow and to expand pathways to opportunity in the economics field. Our partner organizations equip students with knowledge and resources to help them identify opportunities within our industry and accelerate their paths to success. In addition to partnerships with the AEA Summer Program, MLT, O4U, and WISER, we are also invested in a number of on-campus and industry groups that help us connect with underrepresented candidates, and we have a dedicated recruiter focused on outreach to HBCUs and other schools with significant representation of Black and Latin/Hispanic students.


AG sponsors and participates in Out for Undergrad (O4U), a career conference for undergraduate LGBTQ students. O4U’s mission is to help LGBTQ students learn about careers in their industries of interest, network with more experienced LGBTQ professionals to discuss navigating the cultural and social demands of their workplaces, share what it feels like to truly be themselves in a professional setting, and begin building their professional networks.

Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)

AG has a diversity recruiting initiative through a partnership with Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT). MLT aims to transform today’s minority talent into tomorrow’s senior leaders. Through MLT’s career prep program, students receive mentoring, leadership coaching, and networking assistance during the job search process to help enhance their college and internship experiences and accelerate their careers. We host and attend various recruiting events in partnership with MLT, including webinars and career prep workshops.


AG sponsors the WISER Inclusive Peer Onsite Distance (IPOD) Mentoring Program, which focuses on mentoring students who are alumni of the AEA Summer Program. The program pairs up students with senior economists to help them prepare for graduate school and obtain key support with employment searches.

American Economics Association Summer Program

AG sponsors the AEA Summer Program (AEASP), the goal of which is to increase diversity in the field of economics by preparing talented undergraduates for doctoral programs in economics and related disciplines. The AEASP is a prestigious program that enables students to develop and solidify technical skills in preparation for the rigor of graduate studies. In addition to technical training, the AEASP also hosts events to showcase the many career pathways for Ph.D. students.


Broad-Scale Impact

We are committed to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion beyond AG, in addition to within our own walls. Our client and pro bono work allows us to have a meaningful impact on topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the broader economy, including through the following exemplar matters:

Our Team

To maintain consistent and concerted progress towards our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals, we have a team of professionals at the firm dedicated to partnering with leadership on our strategy and initiatives. Please reach out to any of these individuals for more information.

Laura Acosta


Laura Acosta

Vice President, Human Resources  |  White, Cisgender, Pronouns: She/Her

Laura Acosta is a senior leader on our HR Team. She is passionate about embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion principles into all aspects of firm life; developing inclusive leaders; strengthening AG’s position as a best place to work; supporting marginalized and underrepresented communities; and unlocking collaboration and innovation by disrupting the status quo. She is available to answer questions about how AG approaches diversity, equity, and inclusion and about opportunities for partnership with AG on this critical topic. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Laura spent the last eight years of her career designing, developing, and implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies and initiatives.

Khalilah Jones


Khalilah Jones

Learning & Development Program Manager  |  Black, Cisgender, Pronouns: She/Her

Khalilah Jones is a core member of our Learning & Development (L&D) Team. She is passionate about fostering community and creating space for all of us to bring our full selves to work. She is available to answer questions about AG’s affinity groups; our firmwide learning on diversity, equity, and inclusion topics; and building diversity, equity, and inclusion into our onboarding and L&D programs.

Read Khalilah's profile

Megumi Milla profile


Megumi Milla

Recruiter  |  Latinx, Cisgender, Pronouns: She/Her

Megumi Milla is a core member of our Recruiting Team. She is passionate about offering the best candidate experience possible and ensuring we build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment. She is available to answer candidate questions about preparing for an interview, what it is like to work at AG, our staffing model, and AG culture. Please email her directly if you are interested in pursuing a role with us.

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