Securities, Financial Products & Institutions

Our consultants and affiliated experts provide consulting and testimony in complex securities litigations, regulatory matters, and other investigations. We are known for the rigor and depth of our analyses and for our ability to bring highly specialized expertise in such areas as securities fraud, investment suitability, structured finance and derivatives, and market microstructure to bear on behalf of our clients. The firm also works in related fields that include accounting, statistics, and valuation.

Areas of Expert Analysis

Since Analysis Group’s founding in 1981, we have worked on a rich variety of cases on behalf of the world’s leading financial institutions. We have deep experience in securities class actions, investment suitability and performance issues, breach of fiduciary duty claims, and insider trading allegations, and provide valuation of complex financial instruments and assessment of fees. We have also assessed the economic and financial issues involved in bankruptcy matters.

As vast quantities of data and advanced analytics have continued to transform the financial industry, Analysis Group has been a pioneer in integrating data science and economics expertise to support clients in financial litigation matters and business strategy. For example, our team leveraged natural language processing to analyze chat logs, in free form text, in a market manipulation case involving traders.

Recently, Analysis Group has been engaged in numerous complex litigations emerging from the global financial crisis: from predatory lending suits to ERISA and pension performance-related matters; from numerous class actions to allegations of fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. We have also provided analyses in government investigations and litigations.