Pro Bono at Analysis Group

Connect, Strengthen, and Empower

Analysis Group employees apply their analytical skills and expertise to pro bono consulting projects for organizations around the world. We generate relevant insights from data, documents, and other sources on behalf of nonprofit, governmental, and academic organizations, and support law firms in pro bono legal matters.

Our pro bono teams connect with and empower communities and individuals in meaningful ways. Employees at all levels of the firm participate in projects that address a wide variety of issues and needs. Examples include:

  • Identifying racial and gender-related housing discrimination
  • Evaluating state voter redistricting
  • Determining impacts of social service efforts to improve health and alleviate suffering
  • Assisting local arts organizations and youth groups
  • Helping to assess and improve child and maternal health in Lesotho
  • Designing surveys that generate robust metrics for performance measurement, demonstrate impacts, and provide practical insights for decision makers

Our pro bono partner organizations benefit from the same intellectual rigor and collaborative thinking that Analysis Group teams apply to all our work. We help our partner organizations expand their positive impacts on their clients, constituencies, and communities. 

Some of Our Key Partners


Analysis Group consultants visiting partners at GHESKIO in Haiti