Labor & Employment

Analysis Group professionals provide strategic insights and expertise across a wide range of labor and employment issues, including class certification, labor market antitrust, discrimination and pay equity, and worker misclassification in litigation matters. Clients also turn to our Labor & Employment experts for support with proactive assessments of their efforts to achieve diversity goals in non-litigation matters.

Our practice is distinguished by leading experts who offer critical capabilities:

  • Class certification and damages: Assessment of issues related to class certification and damages in cases involving wages and employment in a broad range of industries
  • Monopsonization: Analysis of relevant labor markets and the evaluation of claims of an employer’s ability to exercise monopsony power
  • Undercompensation estimation: Analysis and critique of approaches to estimating undercompensation resulting from alleged anticompetitive conduct
  • Misclassification of workers: Analysis of job classification and compensation structures for a variety of industries
  • Wage & Hour Litigation: Analysis of overtime pay, travel time, and prevailing and minimum wages using large-scale compensation databases