Across the technology industry, companies are operating within a landscape defined by innovation, rapidly changing products and services, evolving regulations, and constantly shifting competitive landscapes. Analysis Group has developed deep knowledge of this industry, including its unique market dynamics, technical capabilities, and business and regulatory challenges. We provide clients with litigation support, and policy and regulatory analysis in this dynamic environment, including in matters related to:

  • Analysis of alleged anti-competitive activity
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Labor and hiring practices
  • Mergers
  • Contract disputes
  • Analysis of software code
  • Tax and transfer pricing disputes
  • Accounting disputes
  • Commercial damages
  • Analysis of the economic impact of technologies

Working with academic and industry experts, we apply analytical and technical expertise to a wide range of litigation services, public policy white papers, and merger analyses. We draw on expertise in modeling, analytics, software programming, machine learning, and other technologies to support our clients, who include major technology companies, startups, and government agencies.

Our practice is distinguished by the way we integrate our capabilities in economics, finance, accounting, data preparation and analytics, programming, engineering, data sourcing, and analysis to provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to problem solving.

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