Worldwide, technology has become an integral component of most business models in companies across all industries. This means that companies involved in litigation must often rely as much on technological expertise as on economic, financial, and statistical expertise to develop their cases and rebut their opponents’. In addition, courts and governing bodies are increasingly taking into account the relevance of technology-based issues in litigation and regulatory proceedings. Analysis Group has a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies and the businesses that employ them, and has utilized this proficiency in litigation, regulatory, and industry engagements.

We provide clients with technical expertise in this dynamic environment, including:

  • Analysis of software code
  • Assessment of the economic impact of technologies
  • Evaluation of data security systems
  • Evaluation of technical standards
  • Analysis of hardware components
  • Modeling of interactions among users and IT systems

In these engagements, we integrate technology expertise with deep experience spanning an array of practice areas, including intellectual property, commercial disputes, labor and hiring, antitrust and competition, tax and transfer pricing, privacy and data security, and accounting. We bring to bear our in-house consultants’ and our affiliated experts’ capabilities in modeling, analytics, software and hardware, data science, and machine learning. Analysis Group is the “one-stop shop” for cases in which technology needs to be evaluated together with economic, financial, industry, or statistical issues.