Energizing a Portfolio for the Deregulated Marketplace

To compete in the deregulated marketplace, a major electric utility company needed to add new, value-added services to its current portfolio. However, the company had limited financial and personnel resources to devote to product development. The challenge lay in how to efficiently screen numerous product ideas and determine which concepts should receive funding.

Analysis Group worked with the client to identify driving industry forces and to analyze market segments, competitive offerings, and value chains. We created a corporate strategy to develop innovations that addressed discontinuities and product gaps in the energy services marketplace. The goal was to generate value-added, energy-related products and services targeted toward high-growth market segments.

We helped our client develop an innovative product portfolio of new product concepts, which are screened for optimal alignment with corporate strategy, market attractiveness, competitive differentiation, and internal development capabilities. We also worked with the client to determine the rollout potential over 5 to 10 years, the resource capacity needed to support product growth, and product/service branding options.