Romag Fasteners Inc. v. Fossil Inc. et al.

Analysis Group was retained by counsel for defendants in patent and trademark infringement litigation involving the use of magnetic snap fasteners on handbags made by Fossil Inc. In this matter, plaintiff Romag Fasteners Inc. alleged that Fossil and several retailers sold handbags with snaps using Romag's name and trademark without permission. An Analysis Group team -- led by affiliate Laura Stamm and Vice President Lindsay Greenbaum -- assessed damages related to the alleged infringement. Ms. Stamm filed an expert report and testified at trial on a reasonable royalty for the patent and trademark at issue, and assessed and rebutted the plaintiff's expert's damages assessment.

A jury in the US District Court for the District of Connecticut found the defendants liable for patent and trademark infringement, but also found that the infringement was not willful. The jury awarded damages equal to Ms. Stamm's evaluation. After further deliberation, District Judge Janet Bond Arterton concluded that plaintiff was not entitled to damages, but ordered a permanent injunction barring Fossil from importing or selling any products bearing counterfeit Romag snaps.


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