Physician perceptions of drug utilization management: Results of a national survey

PLOS One, 2022

The use of drug utilization management techniques such as formulary exclusions, prior authorizations, and step edits has risen sharply during the last decade, contributing to the growing burden on physicians and patients. Limited quantitative data exist, however, on physician perceptions of drug utilization management. A national survey was conducted between February 9 and March 30, 2021, targeting office-based physicians working in the United States to assess their perceptions on drug utilization management in their practice. Of the 742 physicians that participated in the study, over 80% reported deciding against prescribing certain treatments in anticipation of drug utilization management at least sometimes (>50% of the time). Despite utilization management having an impact on prescribing decisions, about half of physicians said that the utilization management policies they encounter rarely or never (0-25% of the time) align with clinical evidence.

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Edwards ML, Yin PT, Kuehn M, Bratti K, Kirson N, Jena AB, Howell S