Survey And Real-World Data: A Winning Combination

Law360, July 14, 2017

In the article “Survey And Real-World Data: A Winning Combination,” published on, a team of Analysis Group experts describe how combining experimental surveys with transaction data from the “real world” can shed more light on the ways that consumers make decisions. As explained by the team of Managing Principal Rebecca Kirk Fair, and Vice President Peter Simon, having a more complete picture of the consumer decision-making process based on empirical proof can prove valuable in litigation involving consumer perceptions or choices, such as false advertising or trademark infringement cases.

According to the Analysis Group team, experimental surveys are especially useful for isolating causal relationships—that is, identifying which factors are effective in influencing consumer decisions, and which have little influence. Analyzing historical transaction data will show what decisions consumers actually made. When used jointly, experimental surveys and empirical analysis can provide cross-validation of evidence on the same topic from two different perspectives and thereby increase its overall reliability.

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Kirk Fair R, Simon P, Shampanier K, Sharma R