Mark A. Gustafson


Mark A. Gustafson

Los Angeles


M.P.P., Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; B.A., business economics and political science, University of California, Los Angeles

Summary of Experience

Mr. Gustafson applies his expertise in economics, econometrics, and modeling to litigation, complex business issues, and the analysis of public policy issues. He has worked extensively in the areas of health care, insurance, employment, ERISA, finance, intellectual property (IP), commercial damages, and class certification.

In his litigation work, Mr. Gustafson has provided deposition, arbitration, and trial testimony related physician compensation, the reasonable value of medical services, retirement benefits, employment compensation, lost earning capacity, and commercial damages, and he has critiqued plaintiffs’ proposed damages formulas in several class actions. His case work has involved evaluating claims of excessive investment fees in corporate 401(k) defined-contribution plans, analyzing health insurance claims to identify instances of alleged fraud and inappropriate billing by hospital providers, and auditing risk-pool reconciliations that set the level of at-risk payments to a hospital group and its physician partners.

Mr. Gustafson has worked with clients to perform affirmative pay equity studies and to develop methodologies to address identified disparities. He has explored economic issues associated with a wide range of insurance products, including disability, health, life, product liability, and property insurance, as well as variable annuities. Mr. Gustafson also has experience in a variety of ERISA matters, including those related to health care plans, benefits, and insurance claims. Additionally, he has extensive experience assembling and analyzing large, proprietary datasets common in pay equity, insurance, and health care engagements. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Mr. Gustafson was the business manager in Tokyo for an international nonprofit. He also taught economics as a course assistant at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

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