Managing Principal Lauren Kindler Testifies in Roku’s Successful Patent Infringement Case

May 29, 2024

Analysis Group was retained on behalf of the TV streaming platform Roku, the defendant in a patent infringement litigation brought by IOENGINE, a non-practicing entity specializing in interactive interfaces for portable device users. IOENGINE alleged that Roku’s portable streaming devices, designed to communicate with streaming content providers and payment platforms, infringed its patents.  

An Analysis Group team led by Vice President Andrea Hugill supported Managing Principal Lauren Kindler, who submitted expert reports on damages and commercial success. She also testified at two depositions and at trial. Ms. Kindler’s analysis consisted of rebutting IOENGINE’s damages expert’s opinion and opining to an alternative reasonable royalty damages figure.

A jury in the US District Court for the Western District of Texas, Waco Division found that Roku did not infringe IOENGINE’s patents. This was the second time that Ms. Kindler testified on behalf of Roku in a successful jury verdict in the Western District of Texas.