Achieving Commercial Results in Managed Markets

Increasingly, patients' medical and pharmaceutical benefits are being managed by third-party payers, including managed care organizations, state Medicaid, and long-term care providers. Our strategy work in managed markets illustrates some of the many capabilities we provide to help clients achieve commercial results. For a large pharmaceutical manufacturer, for example, we developed a comprehensive strategy for assessing its competitive position as well as its pricing and contracting strategy for managed markets. We analyzed market dynamics and current and future competitors, then segmented managed-market customers on the basis of size, ability to control pharmaceutical utilization, and other plan-specific parameters. After identifying new contracting approaches, we helped target accounts for specific contract terms and developed tools for reviewing contract performance and ROI. We also analyzed patient retention and pull-through opportunities and tracked state Medicaid initiatives related to preferred drug lists. As a result, our client was armed with a "playbook" of specific strategic initiatives to respond both to several new entrants expected in the next 6 to 18 months, and to ongoing dynamics in managed markets.