Surveys & Experimental Studies

Analysis Group offers well-designed, thoughtfully analyzed market research and surveys that provide insights in litigation and corporate decision making. We use data from structured, quantitative market research methods and experimental studies – such as conjoint analysis, maximum-difference scaling, and test/control experiments – to isolate factors that may be relevant in the determination of damages in numerous types of litigation, as well as for making pricing and product strategy decisions.

Our carefully designed questionnaires meet the rigorous standards for legal surveys and can stand up to scrutiny in court. We apply sophisticated analyses to survey design and results, and deliver depositions and testimony that can be defended against challenges regarding methodology, validity, subtle biases, and other factors. We can also use the same skills and experience that we bring to the design and implementation of our own survey tools to evaluate and critique surveys utilized by other parties.

We draw on diverse experience in market research and economic analysis, and often on our expertise in epidemiology, biostatistics, data science, and health economics outcomes research as well. Our experts have published numerous studies related to surveys and experimental studies, including in leading peer-reviewed journals.

Research and survey methods can provide information on:

  • Factors motivating purchaser prioritization and selection among product options
  • Consumer value of relevant individual features of a product or service
  • Influence of specific aspects of advertisements, packaging, and other marketing materials on consumer perceptions, beliefs, and purchase intentions
  • Opportunities for businesses to optimize marketing channels to reach target customers
  • Development of a product value proposition informed by key opinion leader research
  • Consumer usage patterns of particular products and product features