Co-Options, Inc. v. News America Marketing

News America Marketing (a subsidiary of News Corp.) was sued by Co-Options, Inc., which claimed that News America Marketing breached a contract with Co-Options to develop a joint in-store marketing program. Co-Options sought $14 million in damages. Attorneys for News America Marketing, Shipman & Goodwin LLP, retained Analysis Group to provide assistance in analyzing damages and to provide a report in rebuttal of the plaintiff's damages. Affiliate Laura Stamm served as a consulting expert. The case was tried in the Complex Litigation Docket in the State of Connecticut, and the judge found that News America had indeed breached a contract with Co-Options, but that the plaintiff had failed to produce any evidence of damages. As a result, the plaintiff was awarded damages of one dollar and News America was awarded $35,000 on its counterclaim, plus costs.

Testifying Experts