Developing a Comprehensive Product Strategy

We were asked by a top 10 global pharmaceutical client to assist in developing a comprehensive strategy for its cardiovascular businesses, which spanned products ranging from primary care products, such as antihypertensives, to in-hospital products for acute care, such as anticoagulants. The client's portfolio position had been established through a combination of organic growth and acquisition, with multiple groups engaged in different stages of research and development.

Our work spanned four areas:

  1. Forming a panel of leading cardiovascular experts worldwide to assist in synthesizing the company's fundamental understanding of the disease state and therapeutic prospects
  2. Evaluating all on-market and in-development assets, including the competitiveness of the client's position in each area of science, clinical understanding, and marketing and sales
  3. Developing a core strategy focusing on two core areas for next-generation therapeutic platforms and optimizing the current marketing and development assets to those in which the client was most competitive
  4. Establishing a new model for evaluating and accessing key research activity and early stage developments occurring outside of the company, recognizing that internal research is unlikely to yield market-leading breakthroughs independently

Our client adopted the recommended approach and is using it as a model for building strategies in other core therapeutic areas.