Developing a New Drug Value Profile to Inform Clinical Trials

Analysis Group was engaged to assist a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in developing a value profile of a drug to inform clinical trial design and drive a long-term marketing and pricing strategy. Managing Principal Adam Decter led a team working with external researchers to conduct qualitative research with 60 payers, clinical advisors, and key opinion leaders in the US and EU. The surveys, co-developed by our team and the client, identified the safety and efficacy factors most critical to the drug's viability from clinical, reimbursement, and access perspectives. Survey respondents were asked to assess the new drug's potential strengths and weaknesses relative to other available treatments, to prioritize importance of its features, and to comment on pricing and reimbursement. Our team analyzed the research data and presented our findings to the client. We assisted the client with incorporating the key findings into the design of its Phase III clinical trials, and helped identify the most important points of competitive differentiation in the long-term marketing and pricing of the drug.


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