Pricing and Retail Contract Analysis

Members of the Analysis Group team have extensive experience serving as experts on power sales agreements and fuel contracts. Senior Advisor Susan Tierney has advised companies and testified in arbitrations and regulatory proceedings on a variety of questions relating to electric and gas contracts, and has advised during contract negotiations and carried out due diligence. Dr. Tierney and Principal Paul Hibbard have provided a variety of consulting services to a retail power-buying consortium, the Massachusetts PowerOptions program, including regulatory, economic, managerial, and other strategic advice. Specific tasks performed over the past two years include analysis of forward prices; analysis of contract options; due-diligence critique of various strategic business options prepared by another consultant; analysis of implications of congestion prices; preparation of standardized analytic instruments for pricing power options; presentations to the client's member organizations; and analysis of green power procurement and/or investment opportunities.

Associated Experts & Consultants