Challenges and Pitfalls in Cartel Fining

Canadian Competition Law Review, Vol. 31, No. 1, 2018

Public policymakers and antitrust authorities have been imposing increasingly higher punishments – including fines – to prevent cartel formation and to destabilize operating cartels. In a Canadian Competition Law Review article titled “Challenges and Pitfalls in Cartel Fining,” coauthors including Analysis Group Vice President Anne Catherine Faye and affiliated expert Marcel Boyer provide perspectives on how economics, law, and antitrust practices and rules can converge when setting appropriate cartel fines. They outline key aspects of cartel policies, raise issues of methodological importance in setting optimal cartel fines, and propose solutions using economic reasoning and econometric techniques.

This article was nominated for the 2019 Antitrust Writing Awards, a joint initiative between Concurrences Review and the George Washington University Competition Law Center.

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Boyer M, Faye AC, Gravel E, Kotchoni R