Factors that impact a patient's experience when undergoing single-photon emission computed tomography myocardial perfusion imaging (SPECT-MPI) in the US: A survey of patients, imaging center staff, and physicians

Journal of Nuclear Cardiology, 2019


Single-photon emission computed tomography myocardial perfusion imaging (SPECT-MPI) is commonly used for coronary artery disease diagnosis/assessment in the United States (US); however, the factors that most significantly affect patients' experience when undergoing SPECT-MPI are not well known.


In this US-based cross-sectional study, an online questionnaire was used to identify and quantify attributes of the SPECT-MPI process that impact patients' experience, according to adults who underwent SPECT-MPI in the prior month, cardiac imaging center staff, and referring physicians. Participants were asked to rate the importance of 32 factors using an 11-point scale; congruence between groups (physicians vs patients, patients vs imaging center staff, and physicians vs imaging center staff) was assessed.


The survey was completed by 101 patients, 101 center staff, and 100 physicians, who gave similar ratings for the highest-rated factors (high-quality results/decreasing likelihood of having to retest, highly skilled and knowledgeable staff, and compassionate and respectful staff). Congruence was higher between patients and imaging center staff compared with physicians and patients, and was notably low between imaging center staff and physicians.


We identified areas for improvement in the patient SPECT-MPI experience that could translate into improved quality and value.

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Li J, Walker DR, Biesbrock G, Kristy RM, Yang H, Gao E, Koenigsberg S, Spalding JR, Kitt TM