Impact of Medication Adherence on Healthcare Resource Utilization, Work Loss, and Associated Costs in a Privately Insured Employed Population Treated With Adalimumab in the United States

Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2021


The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of adherence to adalimumab on all-cause work loss, healthcare resource utilization (HRU), and direct medical and indirect costs over 2 years using real-world data.


This was a retrospective cohort study using a large, United States administrative claims database. Adult patients treated with adalimumab were grouped into adherent and non-adherent cohorts and followed for up to 2 years. Outcomes were compared between cohorts.


Over 2 years, adherent patients had $10,214 lower per patient medical and indirect costs compared to non-adherent patients, resulting from lower HRU, fewer days of absenteeism, and lower rates of work loss events.


Patient and societal benefits of adherence to adalimumab are significant over 2 years. These findings highlight the importance of policies aimed at improving adherence to self-administrated medications.

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Mittal M, Yang M, Shah M, Gao W, Carley C, Sherman BW