Indicators of Suboptimal Treatment and Associated Healthcare Costs among Patients with Crohn's Disease Initiated on Biologic or Conventional Agents

Crohn's & Colitis 360, 2022


As the treatment landscape for Crohn's disease (CD) evolves, an up-to-date understanding of the burden associated with indicators of suboptimal treatment is needed. The aim of this study was to describe suboptimal treatment indicators and associated healthcare costs among CD patients initiated on a biologic or conventional agent.


Adults with CD were identified in a US healthcare claims database (Optum's Clinformatics Data Mart; 01/2004-03/2019). The first biologic or conventional agent claim within 12 months of a CD diagnosis was the index date/agent. Indicators of suboptimal treatment (nonadherence, dose escalation, chronic corticosteroid use, augmentation, ≥1 CD surgery, ≥2 CD emergency department visits, ≥1 CD inpatient (IP) stay, switch, cycling, restart, inadequate induction) were identified in the 12-month postindex landmark period. The mean per-patient-per-year (PPPY) healthcare costs (2019 USD) were evaluated in the year postlandmark.


There were 5107 patients (mean age ~44 years, 56% female) in the biologic and 6072 patients (~51 years; 59% female) in the conventional cohort. In the biologic cohort, 79.4% of patients had ≥1 suboptimal treatment indicator. Mean PPPY healthcare costs increased with the number of suboptimal treatment indicators, from $46 100 (no indicator) to $68 572 (≥4 indicators). The conventional cohort had similar patterns: 72.5% of patients presented ≥1 suboptimal treatment indicator, and mean PPPY healthcare costs increased from $17 329 (no indicator) to $67 568 (≥4 indicators). In both cohorts, IP and outpatient medical costs (excluding biologics) contributed a major portion of the increase.


Among CD patients, suboptimal treatment indicators were common and were associated with an increased burden to the healthcare system.

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Pilon D, Ding Z, Muser E, Manceur AM, Vermette-Laforme M, Lafeuille MH, Lefebvre P