Special Issue of PharmacoEconomics on Major Depressive Disorders

PharmacoEconomics (2021) 39:617

Managing Principal Paul E. Greenberg and Senior Advisor Tammy Sisitsky served as guest editors for a themed issue of PharmacoEconomics on major depressive disorders (MDDs). The issue provided perspectives from the international pharmacoeconomic community on epidemiologic estimates of MDD and its treatment, economic burden, cost effectiveness of treatment, and methodological challenges.

In addition to curating the collection of papers by researchers from around the world, Mr. Greenberg and Ms. Sisitsky contributed an introduction with commentary on the fundamental changes caused by the devastating spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). They noted that the special edition marked another milestone in their 30-year study of the economic burden of “this widespread, debilitating, and economically burdensome mental illness,” and that the collected research represented recent advances in understanding the complexities associated with the burden of MDD and its treatment, while pointing to new research directions.

Three of the issue’s 11 articles also had Analysis Group coauthors:

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Watch Paul Greenberg speak about the special edition


Greenberg P, Sisitsky T