Managing Multiple Expert Witnesses: Best Practices and Pitfalls

American Bar Association Section of Litigation, The Woman Advocate, August 17, 2017

Complex litigation often requires the perspectives and testimony of multiple experts, each used in different ways to leverage their specialized skills. When managed successfully, an array of experts can provide insight on a range of issues to bolster a legal case, respond to opinions offered by opposing experts, and provide context to the fact finder.

In an American Bar Association Section of Litigation: The Woman Advocate article entitled “Managing Multiple Expert Witnesses: Best Practices and Pitfalls,” an Analysis Group team – including Managing Principals Rebecca Kirk Fair and Andrea Okie, Principal Laura Comstock, and Vice President Carletta Wong – discusses how to coordinate multiple testifying experts to maximize their full potential in support of a legal matter. These best practices include balancing planning ahead to define expert roles with remaining flexible as the case progresses, designating an effective expert coordination team to ensure consistency and limited overlap across experts, and strategically sharing information and cross-reliance among experts.

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Kirk Fair R, Comstock L, Okie A, Wong C