Regulatory Considerations for Cost Effective Integration of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

IAEE Energy Forum, 2020

In an article in IAEE Energy Forum, a publication of the International Association for Energy Economics, Vice President Joseph Cavicchi, Associates Udayan Maithani and Jeffrey Monson, Senior Analyst Lindsay Mattei, and Analyst Peter Brody-Moore compare the development of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and charging stations in the US to the state of EVSE and charging infrastructure internationally. The authors identify key factors for utilities and regulators to consider when planning for cost-effective and efficient electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure development.

“Regulatory Considerations for Cost Effective Integration of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure” discusses regulatory measures that can complement the development of convenient and predictable access to EV charging. Issues addressed include the benefits of providing up-front incentives in inciting consumers to buy EVs; EV charging payment and access models, such as subscriptions; and the value of flexible regulatory frameworks that allow for a mix of public and private investment.

The authors emphasize that the role of public financial support for EVSE and EV charging stations is evolving, and a number of considerations arise when policymakers and regulators evaluate the various approaches that may be adopted to support EV charger accessibility. They suggest that government interventions be calibrated to avoid adversely affecting the development of a competitive market for EV charging infrastructure.

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Brody-Moore P, Cavicchi J, Maithani U, Mattei L, Monson J