Stage III melanoma incidence and impact of transitioning to the 8th AJCC staging system: a US population-based study

Future Oncology. 2019 Feb;15(4):359-370


To estimate incidence of stage III melanoma using the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) staging, 7th and 8th edition.


The SEER US cancer registry was analyzed (2010-2014). AJCC7 stages were recorded in the data; AJCC8 stages were inferred.


Of 106,195 melanoma patients, 7669 and 7342 had stage III melanoma by AJCC7 and AJCC8, respectively (95% overlap). Nearly 30% of patients with AJCC7 stage III melanoma were reclassified in a higher stage III group by AJCC8 versus 7% in lower stage group. Regardless of the AJCC edition, incidence of stage III melanoma has increased from 2010 to 2014 both overall and within each stage III group.


Providing appropriate management to this growing population of high-risk patients is a priority.

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Tarhini A, Ghate S, Ionescu-Ittu R, Shi S, Nakasato A, Ndife B, Laliberté F, Burne R, Duh MS