Treatment of metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer with radium-223: a retrospective study at a US tertiary oncology center

Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases, 2020

Since 2013, radium-223 has been an approved treatment for metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). Currently, however, there are no guidelines as to whether to treat mCRPC patients with radium-223 before or after chemotherapy. An Analysis Group team led by Managing Principal Mei Sheng Duh, and including Senior Analyst Mu Cheng, partnered with researchers from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the University of California San Diego, and Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals to analyze the sequencing of radium-223 treatment in a retrospective longitudinal study of Dana-Farber patients with mCRPC.

The results, detailed in an article published in the journal Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases, indicated that administration of radium-223 pre-chemotherapy increased the likelihood of completion of radium-223 treatment. However, radium-223 treatment pre- or post-chemotherapy and with or without combination therapy did not result in significant differences in overall survival. The authors conclude the article by writing that “[a]dditional prospective studies that evaluate the optimal treatment sequence are warranted to improve outcomes for patients.”

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McKay R, Silver R, Bhak RH, Korves C, Cheng M, Appukkuttan S, Simmons SJ, Duh MS, Taplin M