Head of Recruiting, Human Resources, Boston

Why did you choose Analysis Group?
I’d been working in HR departments at larger firms, and I was looking for a firm with a smaller feel, where I could make a larger impact on day one. AG was growing at a very fast rate and I wanted to be a part of that growth. After meeting with the recruiting team and consulting staff, I knew this was a place where I’d be challenged, yet supported. And after speaking with the consultants, who shared so much passion and excitement for their work, I knew I would be delighted and honored to represent the firm to prospective hires.
What do you enjoy most about your work? What do you find most challenging?
Every single day, I get to present our economic consultants’ research, our value proposition, and our culture to students around the globe. It’s very rewarding. What I find most challenging is how fast the firm has expanded. We’ve opened offices in Beijing, Brussels, London, and Paris and it’s been a learning curve to figure out the recruiting landscape in each of those markets. Even then, it’s been an opportunity for immense growth, and I’ve loved collaborating so closely with other teams.
What do you think about Analysis Group’s collaborative culture?
AG is built on trust and teamwork. While we have grown in size since I joined back in 2013, our culture has not changed. We still have very few strict rules and policies, and have maintained that teamwork and collaboration are critical to our success. For example, analysts at the firm are involved in the interviewing process, because AG values and appreciates the unique perspective the analysts bring to interviews. Over the years, it has really stood out to me that building consensus is important here – and what makes us successful is making sure that everyone’s voice is heard.
What do you do when you’re not working?
I love hanging around the house with my husband, Lee and daughter, Izzy, and chasing my lab, Tucker, around the neighborhood. I also enjoy taking a long run while listening to podcasts, and visiting local breweries with the family to try craft beers.
Amanda Giunta

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