Vice President, Boston

Why did you choose Analysis Group?
I chose AG because of the people and the culture. I highly enjoyed my interview and felt like I really connected with my interviewers. I think it’s a good sign when an interview feels collaborative and rewarding rather than stressful and intimidating.
What do you enjoy most about your work? What do you find most challenging?
I work mainly on health care litigation matters, and I enjoy constantly learning from my colleagues at all levels. As for challenging, the roles on case teams are ever-changing. On one case team, you could be working directly with an expert and communicating with counsel, and on another team, you could be doing data work and not directly supporting the expert.
What new experiences have you had since joining Analysis Group?
I had never worked on a large team before joining AG. Rather than struggling alone for hours, days, or even weeks on a problem like during my Ph.D., I had to learn when to reach out and ask for help. The adjustment was an easy one, though, since everyone was so willing to help out. There is no shortage of mentorship here, with everyone understanding that a team is more successful if everyone works together.
What is it like to work in your office? What is the culture there?
The Boston office is large enough so that you can easily staff your cases, but small enough so that you know a lot of people. Obviously you work with people across floors and offices, but each floor has its own unique culture.
What do you think about Analysis Group’s collaborative culture? How does this benefit your work? Clients?
AG’s collaborative culture is what defines the firm. It makes working here fun, particularly when working long hours. It’s easier to work late when you enjoy who you’re working with and what you’re doing. It also benefits clients because it allows for more creative solutions.
How do you find a suitable work/life balance?
People are respectful of personal plans if you communicate them ahead of time. I have a young child, so I leave work at 5:00 p.m. every day. If I do have to work late, I’ll log back on from home after my son goes to bed.
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Erica VanSant

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