DE&I Manager, Boston

Why did you choose Analysis Group?
I wasn’t considering leaving my previous role or organization until I heard about AG through the recruiting team. Every person I spoke to was extremely intelligent, kind, and genuinely excited by AG’s work. I knew I would have a chance to grow professionally, use my voice, and work alongside great people.
What was your career path to Analysis Group?
While studying sociology and psychology during college, I thought I wanted to pursue education or social work. I found my sweet spot during an internship, when I realized how important it is for people to feel valued and supported at work. After graduating, I worked as a recruiter in a staffing agency environment, and in another learning and development role at a hospital prior to joining AG.
What was it like joining Analysis Group?
I joined AG in February of 2020, so I spent one month working in the office before the entire firm transitioned to working remotely [due to the pandemic]. That first month, I remember feeling awed by the beautiful view, having my own office, and the plethora of snacks. My colleagues especially amazed me, and I felt excited to be joining a team that has a real impact on people’s experiences at AG.
What types of projects do you work on?
I plan the onboarding experience for new hires in Boston and support office managers with onboarding at our other locations. This involves everything from coordinating IT setups, connecting with other HR teams, and hosting a “Welcome to AG” session on a new hire’s first day. I also support technical training for consultants, learning and development workshops, and the annual multi-day AG Orientation.
What do you think about Analysis Group’s collaborative culture?
At AG, everyone can contribute. We value all voices, and it is second nature here to involve others in decision making or planning. This is different from other places I have worked. I can really see my impact on the bigger picture of the firm as my web of connections continues to grow.
What do you do when you’re not working?
I teach restorative and gentle yoga, and I love exploring new walking and running routes around Boston and Brookline. I also enjoy cooking, and recently discovered the ups and downs of baking bread.
Khalilah Jones

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