Vice President, Learning, Development & Performance, Boston

Why did you choose AG?
My field is Learning and Development. When I was interviewing at AG, I consistently saw a keen appetite for supporting people and a senior team ready to support a new L&D approach. Those signals convinced me AG was a place where I could help people thrive.
What do you enjoy most about your work? What do you find most challenging?
My AG colleagues are fantastic, and designing and delivering learning programs with them is the most fun part of my job. I love that our programs bring people together across offices and help them feel connected to peers, something that matters in a demanding job.
What types of projects do you work on?
I design formal, firm-wide learning programs and workshops, and collaborate with individual offices on local development efforts. I also connect people to individual support such as personal coaching. A new area of interest for me is online learning, as we build our library of on-demand content.
What do you think about AG’s collaborative culture?
It has a lot of positives. It alleviates some of the pressure that comes with our high bar for excellence, as multiple minds working on something are always better than one. It helps people avoid isolation and commits us to continually learning from each other. It also means that the people who do best here have strong interpersonal skills in conjunction with technical ability and are readily open to input and challenge from others.
Liz  Lajoie

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