Managing Principal, Los Angeles

What sets Analysis Group apart from competitors?
The community culture of the firm is unique. Analysis Group provides a lot of freedom and flexibility in balancing work and personal lives by allowing for different work styles and approaches to projects. There is a sense of trust across the board that allows us to work in a manner that meets our personal commitments while satisfying the needs of the firm and our clients.
What advice do you have for new analysts?
Find ways to differentiate yourself and figure out what types of cases and practices you enjoy by making the most out of each assignment. By demonstrating your skills and willingness to work hard, you’ll develop a reputation as a go-to analyst to be staffed on new matters.
How does the team-oriented approach to business benefit consultants and clients?
Working together allows us to mesh our skills and talents to best address a problem and come up with the best solution. It is also a fantastic opportunity for more senior consultants to mentor younger associates, and for younger associates to gain exposure and valuable experience working with more experienced colleagues on a group-centered project.
What do you like best about working in several areas of practice?
I enjoy working on cases in a number of practice areas and across many industries. The variety keeps my daily work interesting and allows me to continue learning.
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Mark  Gustafson

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