Director, Data Science, Montreal

Why did you choose Analysis Group?
After 10 years in the data science industry, I wanted to find a place that would allow me to work on different projects, leveraging a variety of methods and spanning multiple industries. I was also searching for a firm highly focused on collaboration and employee growth. Analysis Group and its breadth of projects really fulfilled these requirements.
What do you work on at AG?
I work on numerous matters involving data science, machine learning, predictive modeling, and large dataset manipulation and analysis. As a director on the data science team, I also support the team’s growth and identify opportunities to leverage and embed data science in numerous projects.
What do you enjoy most about your work? What do you find most challenging?
What I enjoy most about the application of data science in the consulting world are the learning opportunities available. No two days are similar in terms of either project type or methodology, and I learn something new every day. This is also the most challenging thing about working in this field – keeping up to date with the most recent literature and state-of-the-art modeling practices.
What is it like to work on a case?
The best thing about working on a case is that you can directly witness the value that your own personal work provides to the project and to the client. Focus, motivation, collaboration, and attention to detail are all important.
What is it like to work in your office? What is the culture there?
The data science team spans both the Boston and Montreal offices and, because of COVID, opportunities to be physically in-office and to meet people have been reduced. However, the very nature of AG’s culture makes it very easy to create ties with employees, no matter which office they’re in.
What do you think about AG’s collaborative culture? How does this benefit your work? Clients?
The collaborative culture here sets it apart from other firms. It creates an environment where the focus is on delivering value to the client and generating high-value material as a team. Everyone is always glad to answer questions, to help steer you in the right direction, and to provide feedback on your work.
What do you do when you’re not working?
I like to be outside, whether running, biking, or hiking. I also read technical literature to stay ahead of the fast-evolving world of machine learning.
How do you find a suitable work/life balance?
Consulting has a lot of ups and downs in terms of workload, throughout the year. It is important to enjoy the slower moments and regenerate in order to be ready for busier periods. It’s also important to establish your own limits.
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Maxime  Leroux

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