Manager, Chicago

Why did you choose Analysis Group?
During my Ph.D. journey, growth centered around ideas and execution. While my education provided an invaluable skillset, I wanted to broaden my capacity as a professional beyond what I can contribute intellectually. AG’s distinctive feature, and what ultimately drew me to the firm, is its devotion to its people. Taking an interest in each other’s growth and wellbeing is an equal mandate to providing our clients with the highest quality work products.
How does life at Analysis Group compare to grad school?
By design, the weight of completing a graduate thesis is borne mostly by the student, with guidance from his or her advisors. At AG, every team member takes ownership of the deliverables. I rely on my colleagues, learn from them, and genuinely enjoy their company, even during the longest nights. If I’d had the support of AG analysts back in grad school, I would’ve finished my dissertation in a matter of months!
Have you had any surprises or breakthroughs since joining Analysis Group?
My biggest breakthrough has been managing the roles of a good colleague and a good husband/dad, while still finding some time for myself. I believe the culture of trust at AG plays a role in this development, for as long as keep an open dialogue with my team, there is some flexibility to allocate time across obligations in the most productive manner.
What is it like to work in your office? What is the culture there?
The culture at the Chicago office is fun and casual. But there seems to be a switch that kicks the office into hyperdrive when multiple cases turn busy. Even during those busy stretches, we still find time to make our cappuccinos, do our crossword puzzles, or partake in office-wide choose-your-own-adventure games.
What do you do when you’re not working?
I love playing with our four young kids and working on a seemingly endless list of projects around our century-old home. In the evening, I enjoy shining my shoes, winding my watches, and having a dram of good Scotch. My wife and I still dream about going to the movies, but that ship has long sailed since we became parents.
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Peter Chen

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