Manager, New York

Why did you choose AG?
Coming out of college, I was interested in someday pursuing a graduate degree in economics and was attracted to the academic nature of much of AG's case work. I was excited by the possibility of working with smart, driven people on projects that would expose me to different industries and different areas of economics. Since I’ve been here, I have worked largely on finance cases preparing loss causation and damages analyses related to securities and the underlying collateral at issue in mortgage-backed securities litigation. I have also gotten involved in some IP and competition work. As I hoped it would, my time at AG has exposed me to different industries and types of work, and as a result I discovered an interest in finance, for example, that I didn't necessarily expect to.
What is it like to work with academic affiliates?
I have worked with many different experts during my time at AG, and have always really enjoyed collaborating with experts on cases and learning from them. Preparing experts for deposition was an entirely new experience for me, and it taught me to always be thinking through potential criticisms when preparing an analysis. I have also had the opportunity to assist experts with their own research outside of AG, experiences that encouraged my interest in graduate school and were a lot of fun.
Rachel  Bechek