Managing Principal, Boston

What has it been like ‘growing up’ at Analysis Group?
The firm’s commitment to my development has made a real difference in my personal and professional life. When I was completing my time as an analyst, people here encouraged me to go to Sloan, and then helped me to get there. They’ve opened doors for me to excel at every step. Senior teams guided me on how to handle analyses and client interactions, giving me the tools I've needed to progress from analyst to managing principal. I’ve also enjoyed working with our academic affiliates. To work closely with professors like John Hauser, whose course I took at Sloan, and Bob Pindyck, whose textbooks I had used at Middlebury, gave me confidence that I had chosen the right major in college and that I had chosen the right firm. In fact, I went on to be Professor Pindyck’s TA at Sloan.
What has changed since you started at the firm in 1996?
Well, on my end, I've grown more confident in my contributions and learned far better technical and management skills as I have worked on more cases with a variety of people. In terms of the firm: fortunately for me, although the firm has gotten larger (I was one of only six analysts!) and so many of our cases are now high profile, the firm has remained committed to people’s long-term career development, to being a meritocracy, and to helping us balance work and life.
What is it like working in different Analysis Group offices?
You really notice a consistency of culture, work quality, and personalities across all of the offices. At this point I feel like I work at a virtual office that has many floors, some of which happen to be hundreds of miles away. I work with people in nearly every office and actually lived in both New York City and Menlo Park working in those offices for a few years. Knowing people across the firm makes it easier to pick up the phone and ask for help on a case or to find additional staff for a project. It also allows me to chase leads with the best expertise across the firm.
What do you do when you’re not working?
I’m the mother of four young children, so we have a very busy household! In addition to spending quality time with the family, I’m passionate about traveling. Since starting at Analysis Group, I've been to Brazil, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Morocco, and all over Europe. I also enjoy hiking near our Northern California offices – and working with my colleagues in Denver and the Bay Area gave me the opportunity to try out hiking in the Rockies and from Santa Cruz to Napa.
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Rebecca  Kirk Fair

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