Manager, Boston

Why did you choose Analysis Group?
One of my professors at Tuck School of Business is an expert with Analysis Group who spoke highly of the firm. As an MBA intern, I experienced it as a place where I could grow and be challenged over the course of my career. The case work is varied and interesting, so there’s always something to look forward to. I started full-time after business school, and I’m learning every day.
What do you work on at Analysis Group?
I’ve worked on cases involving insurance, finance, health care, and technology. I have no background in health care, so it’s been exciting for me to dive into something new.
How does life at Analysis Group compare to grad school?
They’re similar in that both have an emphasis on case teams. At Tuck the case work was all theoretical, but at Analysis Group it involves real clients, real business issues, and the ability to deal with the unexpected. As a result, I’m learning to work with clients, manage their expectations, and deliver the results they’re looking for. I’m also learning how to delegate work to analysts and provide the support they need to do an effective job.
What is it like to work in your office? What is the culture there?
I work in the Boston office, which is the firm’s headquarters and is our largest office. There’s a buzz here since there’s always something new coming in the door. The culture is supportive, respectful, and collegial. Everyone attends the social events – the highlight for me this year was the ski trip to Stowe, and it was great to get to know people off-site.
What do you do when you’re not working?
I play competitive mixed-doubles squash with my husband, and singles squash in the Massachusetts State League. I also enjoy skiing, sailing, tennis, and walking my dog, Rusty.
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Schuyler Livingston

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