Fabio Savoldelli

Adjunct Professor, Finance and Economics, Columbia Business School; Former President and Chief Investment Officer, Merrill Lynch Investment Managers Alternative Strategies
Fabio Savoldelli


D.B.S., business studies, London School of Economics; B.A., economics, University of Windsor

Summary of Experience

Professor Savoldelli is a finance and investment expert with over 25 years of experience analyzing and advising on a wide range of hedge fund-focused issues, including fund performance, portfolio construction, fund administration, due diligence, capital raising, and asset allocation. He served as a chief investment officer for four different institutions: Optima Fund Management, Merrill Lynch, Swiss Bank Corp. Asset Management, and Chase Manhattan Private Bank. In these roles, he oversaw over $80 billion in assets.

Over the course of his investment career, Professor Savoldelli’s responsibilities included selecting hedge funds for the allocation of investor assets, making asset allocation decisions, managing investment portfolios, developing investment policies, and overseeing investment manager adherence to investment strategy and policy. He has deep experience related to the challenging issues hedge fund managers may face, including those related to fiduciary duty, disclosure, liquidation, side-pockets accounts, and valuation of complex and illiquid assets. Additionally, he is knowledgeable about the roles and responsibilities of hedge fund service providers such as prime brokers, marketers, administrators, and auditors.

At Columbia Business School, Professor Savoldelli teaches a course in the M.B.A. program on the investment strategies employed by hedge funds and best practices for the operational aspects of hedge fund management, including fund administration selection, operational risk evaluation, and leverage risk. In addition, he is a contributing editor on Bloomberg Television, commenting on developments from a hedge fund perspective.

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