Lorraine Eden

Professor Emerita of Management, Mays Business School at Texas A&M University; Research Professor of Law, Texas A&M University School of Law
Lorraine Eden


Ph.D., economics, Dalhousie University; M.A., economics, McGill University

Summary of Experience

Professor Eden is an expert on transfer pricing and multinational enterprises (MNEs), with decades of experience consulting to MNEs, governments, and international organizations on transfer pricing and MNE strategies and structures. In transfer pricing matters, she has served as an expert witness – in cases that include Coca-Cola Co. v. Commissioner and In re: Nortel Networks – and filed numerous expert reports. Professor Eden has taught courses on transfer pricing, MNEs, and the economics of international business, and founded the Transfer Pricing Aggies program at Texas A&M University, which has trained hundreds of graduate students. She has extensive research experience in areas such as transfer pricing and MNE strategies in the digital economy, and her work has been widely published in management and international business journals. Professor Eden has authored several books, including Taxing Multinationals: Transfer Pricing and Corporate Income Taxation in North America, Multinationals in North America, The Economics of Transfer Pricing, and Research Methods in International Business. She is a frequent speaker at transfer pricing and tax conferences, as well as dean of the Fellows of the Academy of International Business, where she formerly served as president.

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