Michael Scott Kinch

Executive Dean of Science and Vice President, Innovation, Long Island University
Michael Scott Kinch


Ph.D., immunology, Duke University

Summary of Experience

Professor Kinch, a drug development expert specializing in cancer, immunological, and infectious diseases, focuses on combining cutting-edge science and entrepreneurship to improve public health. At Washington University in St. Louis, Professor Kinch founded and directs the Center for Research Innovation in Biotechnology (CRIB), which assesses trends that guide the research and development of novel medicines. He also helped create the Center for Drug Discovery (CDD) to identify and underwrite the university’s most promising drug discovery projects. Professor Kinch has been issued more than a dozen US patents, published more than 100 patent applications, and written several books and book chapters on the commercialization of biopharmaceutical innovation, as well as other aspects of drug development. He has published widely in peer-reviewed journals, including Drug Discovery Today, Science, Cell Chemical Biology, and Biotechnology Law Report, and his research has been profiled in media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, NPR, CBS News, and The New York Times. Before joining Washington University, he was the managing director of the Yale Center for Molecular Discovery. He has also taught at Johns Hopkins University and Purdue University, and held senior research positions at Functional Genetics and MedImmune. Professor Kinch serves on the board of the American Cancer Society and on scientific advisory boards (SABs) for several biopharmaceutical companies.

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