Michael Siegel

Principal Research Scientist, MIT Sloan School of Management

Michael Siegel


Ph.D., computer science, and M.A., computer science, Boston University; M.S., engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Summary of Experience

Dr. Siegel's research focuses on the management, strategy, and organizational issues related to cybersecurity, the intelligent integration of information systems, risk management, data analytics, state stability, systems modeling, security of energy delivery systems, and security researchers (aka hackers). He has served as an expert witness and filed expert reports in a number of IT-related litigations for clients such as SAP, JPMorgan, IBM, Kenexa, Fisher Scientific, Ernst & Young, and Macromedia. His expert case work includes matters involving the acquisition of a software firm, software patent litigation and review (e.g., PTAB case SAP v. Versata), patent infringement and validity analysis, software licensing agreement disputes, and matters involving financial services software and software related to the extraction of data from web pages. Dr. Siegel has published articles on such topics as simulation modeling for cyber resilience, cyber vulnerability markets, data management strategy, architecture for practical metadata integration, heterogeneous database systems, and managing and valuing a corporate IT portfolio using dynamic modeling of software development and maintenance processes. He is currently the associate director of MIT's Interdisciplinary Consortium for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.


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