Shlomo Hershkop

Vice President of Engineering, Allure Security Technology, Inc.
Shlomo Hershkop


Ph.D. and M.S., Columbia University

Summary of Experience

Dr. Hershkop leads a team of engineers in implementing a next-generation enterprise insider threat solution called Novo. This technology is based on his 10 years of extensive research into big data and computer security problems involving data mining and machine learning, particularly in network flows, user profiling, and email analysis. Broadly speaking, his work and research are aimed at making computers smarter, safer, and more secure. Prior to joining Allure, Dr. Hershkop was the assistant director of computer research facilities at Columbia University, where he was an active security researcher and developer with multiple publications and patents in the fields of computer security, data mining, machine learning, host and operating systems modeling, and electronic communications. Dr. Hershkop has taught courses at both Columbia University and University of Pennsylvania in the areas of programming languages, intrusion detection systems, embedded systems, data structures and algorithms, and artificial intelligence, among others. Dr. Hershkop has also served as an expert witness for a major financial institution on a cyber-security case.

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