Lucia Tiererova




Ph.D. and M.A., economics, Johns Hopkins University; B.A., economics and mathematics, Bates College

Summary of Experience

Dr. Tiererova specializes in applying microeconomics, econometrics, statistical methods, and principles of industrial organization to antitrust and competition litigation matters. She is experienced in evaluating market structure and analyzing competitive behavior between firms, with respect to issues involving market power, monopolization, class certification, liability, price fixing, and quantification of damages. Dr. Tiererova's work covers a broad range of industries and products, and she assists clients in all phases of the litigation cycle, from discovery and data production through report filing. 

In particular, Dr. Tiererova has been involved in the evaluation of the price-fixing allegations against a major manufacturer of automobile components; the assessment of competitive effects of the merger of two companies in the facility services industry; litigation related to the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers; and litigation involving issues of due diligence in transactions of mortgage-backed securities. More recently, she supported an expert in the assessment of damages for a client in the advertising industry, and in the evaluation of market entry and exit in the cellular mobile chip market.