Thomas Zimmerfaust


Los Angeles


Ph.D., economics, University of California, Santa Barbara; M.S., economics, The University of Texas at Austin; B.A., economics-mathematics, University of California, Santa Barbara

Summary of Experience

Dr. Zimmerfaust specializes in applying economic, statistical, and financial analyses across a wide variety of industries. He has consulted in various litigation matters, including class action, financial securities, antitrust, and commercial disputes. Past engagements have included cases involving major banking institutions, hedge funds, various investor groups, government entities, interest rate-governing bodies, and various private and public companies. Dr. Zimmerfaust's class certification work has involved both finance and antitrust matters. His experience in financial securities has included various benchmarking and performance analyses, security-selection processes, risk analysis, event studies, and various ERISA considerations. In his antitrust work, Dr. Zimmerfaust has developed and assessed various econometric and statistical methods to quantify effects from collusion on prices and interest rates. He has experience in commercial disputes determining damages from concealed information, misrepresentations, and wage loss from obstructed employment opportunities. In addition to his litigation experience, Dr. Zimmerfaust has published peer-reviewed research studying employee-employer contracts and identifying new factors that determine employee-employer sorting and employee compensation.