Aaron Kelley

Vice President
Aaron Kelley

New York


M.B.A., MIT Sloan School of Management; B.A., mathematics, Wesleyan University

Summary of Experience

Mr. Kelley specializes in applying economic principles and data analysis to problems in complex business litigation. He has developed flexible damages models used to negotiate high-stakes settlements in litigations, including cases related to the False Claims Act and kickbacks. Mr. Kelley has also supported leading academic experts and managed case teams performing economic and statistical evaluations of causation and damages in complex prescription drug-related litigation matters. His work with companies throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain has included the development of suspicious order monitoring (SOM) algorithms and supplemental customer-centric analytics. Mr. Kelley has extensive experience applying sophisticated economic modeling and analyses to pharmacy, wholesaler, and manufacturer transaction-level databases, as well as to chargeback data and insurance claims data.